This image shows Beate Nitschke

Beate Nitschke

Laboratory Technician
Department of Biophysics



Biochemistry, Tissue Culture, Electron Microscopy

  • Cryo-EM structure of the TOM core complex from Neurospora crassa. Bausewein,T., Mills,D.J., Langer, J.D., Nitschke, B.,  Nussberger, S. & Kühlbrandt, W. Cell 170: 693–700 (2017)
  • Dispersed and aggregated gap junction channels identified by immunogold labeling of freeze-fractured membranes. Hülser D.F., Rehkopf B. & Traub O.  Exp. Cell Res.  233:240-51(1997)    



Biophysics Group, Institute of Biomaterials and biomolecular Systems, University of Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 57 , D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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