23. April 2019

Doktorandenstelle zu vergeben (Behrends/Nussberger Labs)

Thema: Mikrostruktur-determinierte Selbstorganisation biomimetischer Membranen

Biological nanopores are an exciting new class of biosensors with main applications in single-molecule DNA sequencing and single-molecule analysis. Within the Research Network »Functional Nanostructures / Biofunctional Materials and Surfaces« Baden Württemberg the Institute of Physiology of the University of Freiburg and the Institute of Biophysics of the University of Stuttgart offer a PhD position (E13, 65%) for a three-year period to engage in the two following subject:

  • DESIGN OF A MICROFABRICATED NANOPORE CHIP for tracing cellular membrane processes at single-molecule resolution using optical and electrophysiological methods

The PhD candidate will be located at Freiburg University and collaborate with Shuo Wang, PhD Student at University of Stuttgart, Department of Biophysics, who has recently started to work on the  DEVELOPMENT OF MICROSTRUCTURED HYDROGEL-LIPID BILAYER ARRAYS for integration of membrane channel proteins

For this challenging project, we are looking for a talented and motivated student with strong interest in cell biology, membrane biophysics or chemical biology, using bottom-up integrative nanotechnology design principles. The candidates should hold a Masters Degree in Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry or Biotechnology, Microsystems Technology or equivalent. Expertise in single-molecule imaging, electrophysiology and programming in MATLAB/LabView as well as molecular biology (recombinant DNA techniques, protein expression and purification), chemical modification of proteins or peptides will be an advantage, but is not a limiting factor.

Applications should include:

  • Curriculum vitae with your name, address, degree(s) with transcript(s) of grades, research experience, educational and employment history. Please include any awards, distinctions and publications.
  • Motivation letter
  • Name and e-mail address of two academic references

The preferred starting date will be as soon as possible, but there is room of negotiation.



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