Methodological Focus

Electron microscopy, gen-technic and biotechnology, numerical quantification, cell biology, field studies, bio-mechanics and organisms ...

Elektron Mikroskopy

Person in charge: Dr. Michael Schweikert und Dr. Marie-Louise Lemloh


Research association AMICA

Gentechnics und Biotechnology

Person in charge: Dr. Ingrid Weiss

Numerical Quantification

Person in charge: Dr. Marcel Hörning

We develop new numerical and analytical method to find and quantify new mechanisms that have structural and functional depencies. We approach the scale invariant dynamics with mathematical, physical and numerical tools. On the right side is shown an example of a single Dictyostelium cell whose membrane topology and local PIP3 lipid concentration got quantified spatiotemporally.

Cell Biology

Person in charge: Dr. Marcel Hörning

We use cell culture to investigate sub-cellular, cellular and multi-cellular dynamics that depend on the environment. We particularly focus on the mechanical interactions and signaling transductions of muscle cells, such as C2C12 myoblasts and heart tissue.

Biomechanical Methods

Persons in charge: Dr. Marcel Hörning und Dr. Ingrid Weiss

We investigate structural and mechanical properties of biological and synthetical materials. We us a Zwick Roell testing machine (see picture) for macroscopic composite materials, i.e. peacock feathers and mussels. Cellular mechanics and dependencies on hydrogels are investigated by AFM nanoindentation.


Person in charge: Dr. Michael Schweikert, Dr. Franz Brümmer and Dr. Marie-Louise Lemloh

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