Research at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems

The Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems is researching in a variety of interdisciplinary topics with application to plant-, virus- and animal kingdom.

> Department of Biobased Materials

The research focus of Biobased Materials is genetically controlled structure formation at biological materials interfaces. We aim at fundamentally understanding the evolution and function of key enzymes and structural biopolymers, which contribute to pattern formation in biological materials and interfaces in natural systems. Based on this, we develop novel biotechnological concepts with relevance for interdisciplinary applications, including fundamental biomedicine (surface coatings, small molecule inhibitors etc.) up to ecologically relevant materials interactions (e.g. biofilms, biocenoses).

Methods of Biobased Materials comprise broad expertise in biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology. A speciality of our group is multiscale Cryo electron microscopy, simulation and modelling of dynamic, excitable systems, classical protistology and developmental biology of invertebrates up to cooperations with marine stations.

> Department of Bioenergetics (German only)

The Department of Bioenergetics has its research areas in biochemistry, biophysical chemistry and bioenergetics.

> Department of Biophysics

Work in the Biophysics Group exploits new biophysical and biochemical techniques to study membrane biology. Many of its projects are linked to how proteins get across cell membranes and how proteins are integrated into the cell membrane.

> Department of Molecular Biology and Virology of Plants

The Department of Molecular Biology and Virology of Plants has its research fields in Molecular biology and molecular genetics of plant virus diseases, resistance research, plant-virus interaction in single and mixed infections, high-throughput multiplex detection, plant-based expression and silencing constructs for pharmaceutical biotechnology.

> Department of Neurobiology

The Department of Neurobiology  investigate the neural underpinnings of learning and memory and decision-making processes in rodent models. Here, we aim to understand the role of specific brain areas and neurotransmitter systems as well as the architecture and function of neural circuits and synaptic plasticity mechanisms. Towards this end, we use a wide range of techniques including behavioral pharmacology and behavioral analyses, electrophysiology, viral gene transfer, optogenetics, imaging techniques and anatomical approaches. The main topics of research are physiology of associative learning and memory and neural basis of leraning and decision making.

> Department of Plant Biotechnology

The Department of Plant Biotechnology focuses its research on individual, photosynthetically active cells. These cells are made of various compartments that create different reaction conditions.

> Microrobotic Biomedical Systems

We engineer intelligent microrobots for biomedical applications in targeted drug delivery, microsurgery, detoxification, and diagnostics by advancing micro- and nanofabrication as well as ultrasound technologies. To realize their full potential, medical microrobots have to master locomotion in complex biofluidic environments, wireless actuation and control, precise imaging and localization, or effective drug/cargo delivery. We overcome these challenges by incorporating biologically-inspired adaptive capabilities into microrobotic agents and utilize lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic systems to validate biological and therapeutic functions. We thus bridge the gap between biomedical research and clinical applications to propel medical microrobots to the forefront of modern healthcare.



Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems, University of Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 57 , D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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