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Department of Plant Biotechnology

We investigate the regulation of plant primary metabolism and its interaction with the environment

Research and Teaching

As sessile organisms, plants must cope with their einvironment. How this acclimation takes place is the focus of our work. We use the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana to investigate how plants might respond to a changing climate. We apply methods of plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and systems biology. Especially mathematical modelling of metabolism is an important tool to get along with tthe complexity of our research topic.

Teaching in the degree program Technical Biology covers all fields of plant science: from evolution of photosynthetic organisms to anatomy, morphology and physiology of higher plants. The courses introduce modern analytical methods that are applied in laboratory exercises. The masters program features mathematical modelling of complex metabolic networks in the course "Dynamic Modelling". A summary of the lecture program is available through the link "Teaching" at the end of this page.



Department of Plant Biotechnology

Pfaffenwaldring 57, D - 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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