List of publications in journals and books

  1. 2023

    1. Lungu, C., Meyer, F., Hörning, M., Steudle, J., Braun, A., Noll, B., Benz, D., Fränkle, F., Schmid, S., Eisler, S.A., Olayioye, M.A.: Golgi screen identifies the RhoGEF Solo as a novel regulator of RhoB and endocytic transport. Traffic. 1–15 (2023).
  2. 2022

    1. Loppini, A., Erhardt, J., Fenton, F.H., Filippi, S., Hörning, M., Gizzi, A.: Optical Ultrastructure of Large Mammalian Hearts recovers Discordant Alternans by in-silco Data Assimilation. Frontiers in Network Physiology. 2, (2022).
    2. Brock, J., Erhardt, J., Eisler, S.A., Hörning, M.: Optimization of Mechanosensitive Cross-talk between Matrix Stiffness  and Protein Density: Independent Matrix Properties Regulate Spreading  Dynamics of Myocytes. Cells. 11, 2122 (2022).
    3. Strohm, S.B., Inckemann, S.E., Gao, K., Schweikert, M., Lemloh, M.-L., Schmahl, W.W., Jordan, G.: On the nucleation of ikaite (CaCO3x6H2O) – A comparative study in the presence and absence of mineral surfaces. Chemical Geology. 611, 121089 (2022).
    4. Daul, A., Lemloh, M.-L., Hörning, M.: Galvanotaxis of ciliates: Spatiotemporal dynamics of Coleps hirtus under electric fields. New Journal of Physics. 24, 053040 (2022).
  3. 2021

    1. Hörning, M., Bullmann, T., Shibata, T.: Local membrane curvature pins and guides excitable membrane waves in chemotactic and macropinocytic cells - biomedical insights from an innovative simple model. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 9, 2467 (2021).
  4. 2020

    1. Hörning, M., Schertel, A., Schneider, R., Lemloh, M.-L., Schweikert, M.R., Weiss, I.M.: Mineralized scale patterns on the cell periphery of the chrysophyte Mallomonas determined by comparative 3D Cryo-FIB SEM data processing. Journal of Structural Biology. 209, 107403 (2020).
  5. 2019

    1. Junghans, L., Teleki, A., Wijaya, A.W., Becker, M., Schweikert, M., Takors, R.: From nutritional wealth to autophagy: In vivo metabolic dynamics in the cytosol, mitochondrion and shuttles of IgG producing CHO cells. Metabolic Engineering. 54, 145--159 (2019).
    2. Hörning, M., Shibata, T.: Three-dimensional cell geometry controls excitable membrane signaling in Dictyotelium cells. Biophysical Journal. 116, 372–382 (2019).
  6. 2018

    1. Sakuta, H., Seo, S., Kimura, S., Hörning, M., Sadakane, K., Kenmotsu, T., Tanaka, M., Yoshikawa, K.: Optical Fluid Pump: Generation of Directional Flow via Micro-Phase Segregation/Homogenization. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 9, 5792–5796 (2018).
    2. Siegmund, L., Schweikert, M., Fischer, M.S., Wostemeyer, J.: Bacterial Surface Traits Influence Digestion by Tetrahymena pyriformis and Alter Opportunity to Escape from Food Vacuoles. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. 65, (2018).
    3. Potekhin, A., Schweikert, M., Nekrasova, I., Vitali, V., Schwarzer, S., Anikina, A., Kaltz, O., Petroni, G., Schrallhammer, M.: Complex life cycle, broad host range and adaptation strategy of the intranuclear Paramecium symbiont Preeria caryophila comb. nov. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 94, (2018).
    4. Eiben, S., Koch, C., Altintoprak, K., Southan, A., Tovar, G., Laschat, S., Weiss, I.M., Wege, C.: Plant virus-based materials for biomedical applications: Trends and prospects. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. (2018).
    5. Southan, A., Lang, T., Schweikert, M., Tovar, G.E.M., Wege, C., Eiben, S.: Covalent incorporation of tobacco mosaic virus increases the stiffness of poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate hydrogels. RSC Adv. 8, 4686–4694 (2018).
    6. Weiss, I.M., Muth, C., Drumm, R., Kirchner, H.O.K.: Thermal decomposition of the amino acids glycine, cysteine, aspartic acid, asparagine, glutamic acid, glutamine, arginine and histidine. BMC Biophysics. 11, (2018).
    7. Schweikert, M.: Beiträge zu den Algen Baden-Württembergs,  Bd. 2 e Euglenozoa Verlag Manfred Hennecke. (2018).
  7. 2017

    1. Lemloh, M.-L., Verch, A., Weiss, I.M.: Aqueous ball milling of nacre constituents facilitates directional self-assembly of aragonite nanoparticles of the gastropod <em>Haliotis glabra</em>. Journal of The Royal Society Interface. 14, (2017).
    2. da Silva Paiva, T., Küppers, G.C., Lahr, D.J.G., Schweikert, M., da Silva-Neto, I.D.: Discomorphella pedroeneasi Sp. Nov. (Ciliophora, Odontostomatida): An Anaerobic Ciliate Hosting Multiple Cytoplasmic and Macronuclear Endocytobionts. European Journal of Protistology. 58, 103–134 (2017).
    3. Sabaneyeva, E., Castelli, M., Szokoli, F., Benken, K., Lebedeva, N., Salvetti, A., Schweikert, M., Fokin, S., Petroni, G.: Host and Symbiont Intraspecific Variability: The Case of Paramecium Calkinsi and “Candidatus Trichorickettsia Mobilis.” (2017).
    4. Hörning, M., Blanchard, F., Isomura, A., Yoshikawa, K.: Dynamics of spatiotemporal line defects and chaos control in complex excitable systems. Scientific Reports. 7, 7757-- (2017).
    5. Lemloh, M.-L., Verch, A., Weiss, I.M.: Aqueous ball milling of nacre constituents facilitates directional self-Assembly of aragonite nanoparticles of the gastropod Haliotis glabra. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 14, (2017).
    6. Lemloh, M.-L., Altintoprak, K., Wege, C., Weiss, I.M., Rothenstein, D.: Biogenic and synthetic peptides with oppositely charged amino acids as binding sites for mineralization. Materials. 10, (2017).
  8. 2016

    1. Eder, M., Koch, M., Muth, C., Rutz, A., Weiss, I.M.: In vivo modified organic matrix for testing biomineralization-related protein functions in differentiated Dictyostelium on calcite. Journal of Structural Biology. 196, 85–97 (2016).
  9. 2015

    1. Šiller, L., Piticharoenphun, S., Lemloh, M.-L., Horrocks, B.R., Kaulich, B., Gianoncelli, A., Hunt, M.R.C., Brümmer, F., Medaković, D.: Sulphur-Containing Compounds as a Response in Sea Urchins Exposed to Alkylated Silicon Nanocrystals and SiO2-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. Key Engineering Materials. 672, 312–327 (2015).
    2. Tanaka, M., Hörning, M., Kitahata, H., Yoshikawa, K.: Elimination of a spiral wave pinned at an obstacle by a train of plane waves: Effect of diffusion between obstacles and surrounding media. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science. 25, 103127 (2015).
    3. Hörning, M., Entcheva, E.: Negative Curvature and Control of Excitable Biological Media - Negative Curvature and Control of Excitable Biological Media. (2015).
    4. Lemloh, M.L.: Biomineralization in ciliates. Key Engineering Materials. 672, 40–46 (2015).
    5. Inoue, S., Frank, V., Horning, M., Kaufmann, S., Yoshikawa, H.Y., Madsen, J.P., Lewis, A.L., Armes, S.P., Tanaka, M.: Live cell tracking of symmetry break in actin cytoskeleton triggered by abrupt changes in micromechanical environments. Biomater. Sci. 3, 1539–1544 (2015).
  10. 2014

    1. Pohl, A., Weiss, I.M.: Real-time monitoring of calcium carbonate and cationic peptide deposition on carboxylate-SAM using a microfluidic SAW biosensor. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. 5, 1823–1835 (2014).
    2. Vannini, C., Boscaro, V., Ferrantini, F., Benken, K.A., Mironov, T.I., Schweikert, M., Görtz, H.-D., Fokin, S.I., Sabaneyeva, E.V., Petroni, G.: Flagellar Movement in Two Bacteria of the Family Rickettsiaceae: A Re-Evaluation of Motility in an Evolutionary Perspective. PLOS ONE. 9, e87718 (2014).
    3. Lemloh, M.-L., Pohl, A., Weber, E., Zeiger, M., Bauer, P., Weiss, I.M., Schneider, A.S.: Structure-property relationships in mechanically stimulated Sorghum bicolor stalks. Bioinspired Materials. 1, (2014).
    4. Nishikawa, M., Hörning, M., Ueda, M., Shibata, T.: Excitable Signal Transduction Induces Both Spontaneous and Directional Cell Asymmetries in the Phosphatidylinositol Lipid Signaling System for Eukaryotic Chemotaxis. Biophysical Journal. 106, 723--734 (2014).
    5. Weber, E., Bloch, L., Guth, C., Fitch, A.N., Weiss, I.M., Pokroy, B.: Incorporation of a recombinant biomineralization fusion protein into the crystalline lattice of calcite. Chemistry of Materials. 26, 4925–4932 (2014).
  11. 2013

    1. Lemloh, M.-L., Marin, F., Herbst, F., Plasseraud, L., Schweikert, M., Baier, J., Bill, J., Brümmer, F.: Genesis of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Containing Alveolar Plates in the Ciliate Coleps Hirtus (Ciliophora, Prostomatea). Journal of Structural Biology. 181, 155–161 (2013).
    2. Lemloh, M.-L., Hoos, S., Görtz, H.-D., Brümmer, F.: Isolation of alveolar plates from Coleps hirtus. European Journal of Protistology. 49, 62–66 (2013).
    3. Boscaro, V., Schrallhammer, M., Benken, K.A., Krenek, S., Szokoli, F., Berendonk, T.U., Schweikert, M., Verni, F., Sabaneyeva, E.V., Petroni, G.: Rediscovering the Genus Lyticum, Multiflagellated Symbionts of the Order Rickettsiales. Scientific Reports. 3, (2013).
    4. Hoppenrath, M., Chomérat, N., Horiguchi, T., Schweikert, M., Nagahama, Y., Murray, S.: Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Benthic Prorocentrum Species (Dinophyceae)A Proposal and Review. Harmful Algae. 27, 1–28 (2013).
    5. Urban, C., Sohn, K., Lottspeich, F., Brunner, H., Rupp, S.: Identification of Cell Surface Determinants in Candida Albicans Reveals Tsa1p, a Protein Differentially Localized in the Cell. FEBS Letters. 544, 228–235 (2013).
    6. Weiss, I.M., Lüke, F., Eichner, N., Guth, C., Clausen-Schaumann, H.: On the function of chitin synthase extracellular domains in biomineralization. Journal of Structural Biology. 183, 216–225 (2013).
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    8. Siller, L., Lemloh, M.L., Piticharoenphun, S., Mendis, B.G., Horrocks, B.R., Brummer, F., Medakovic, D.: Silver nanoparticle toxicity in sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus. Environmental Pollution. 178, 498–502 (2013).
  12. 2012

    1. Weber, E., Guth, C., Weiss, I.M.: GFP Facilitates Native Purification of Recombinant Perlucin Derivatives and Delays the Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate. PLoS ONE. 7, (2012).
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  13. 2011

    1. Schrallhammer, M., Schweikert, M., Vallesi, A., Verni, F., Petroni, G.: Detection of a Novel Subspecies of Francisella Noatunensis as Endosymbiont of the Ciliate Euplotes Raikovi. Microbial Ecology. 61, 455–464 (2011).
    2. Weiss, I.M., Schmitt, K.P., Kirchner, H.O.: The peacock’s train (Pavo cristatus and Pavo cristatus mut. alba) II. The molecular parameters of feather keratin plasticity. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology. 315 A, 266–273 (2011).
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  14. 2010

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  15. 2009

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  16. 2008

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  17. 2007

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  18. 2006

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  19. 2005

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  20. 2004

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  21. 2003

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  22. 2002

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  23. 2001

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  24. 2000

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  25. 1999

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  26. 1997

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