Cell Biology Support Unit of the IBBS

Welcome to the Cell Biology Support Unit of the IBBS

We provide support with the design, the establishment and the implementation of new cell cultures together with the preparation of observation strategies and image processing.

As  Cell Biology support unit, we support internal and external cooperation partners both during the establishment and implementation of cell culture protocols and during the staining and observation of cells, ensuring an optimal image processing afterwards. We also help users to prepare their experiments accurately and to choose an appropriate observation strategy to enable a correct evaluation of their data. Additionally, we offer advice for an optimal statistical and computer-based data interpretation. 
Feel free to contact us if you want to establish new projects or have questions regarding cell culture – we will talk about the procedure to obtain useful results.

Cooperation partners:

Actin cytoskeleton und cell nuclei of C2C12 myocytes on softer and harder hydrogel; Source: Brock et al., Cells, 11, 2022


Judith Brock


Biology lab assistant

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