ICP and Biophysics group in RESEARCH and LIFE 04/23: The use of nanopores to detect potential diseases

May 1, 2023 /

A new type of bioanalysis could be used to expand the field of prognostics but this would requires a much deeper fundamental understanding of molecular processes. The so-called Cluster4future nanodiag BW (Next generation innovation network Nanodiag BW), which includes two working groups from the University of Stuttgart among others, has set itself the goal of achieving this.

For reference, see: THE  USE OF NANOPORES TO DETECT POTENTIAL DiSEASES (Research and Life 04/2023) and nanodiag




Biophysics Group, Institute of Biomaterials and biomolecular Systems, University of Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 57 , D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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