Krämer et al., 2020, paropt: Parameter Optimizing of ODE-Systems

7. Juli 2020 / Arnd Heyer

This newly released package for the "R" Project for Statistical Computing allows parameter optimization for systems of differential equations (ODE systems)

The package "paropt" was build for optimizing parameters of ODE-systems. Thus, the aim is that the output of an integration of the ODE system using the optimaized parameters  matches the given model states. The user has to supply an ODE-system in the form of a Rcpp-function. The information about states and parameters are passed via text-files. Additional information such as, e.g., the relative tolerance are passed within R.

Application of the  two functions, "ode_solving" and "optimizer" is demonstrated for the Lotka-Volterra predator / prey system as an example that demonstrates how the package can be used.

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